About Us

Hillcrest Recordings is located in the County Armagh countryside in Northern Ireland and provides an idyllic location for high quality music production. The studio takes bookings for a limited number of artists who would like to record an album or single in a relaxed and professional environment. We are also able to supply your music to all the main streaming services. 

In addition, Hillcrest Recordings can edit and re-master material that is already recorded. A good example of this is editing music to synchronise with a dance routine or an audio / visual presentation. The studio has also the facility to take old recordings from tape or LP and enhance them before converting them to CD or MP3. 

Tommy Cash with Colin Elliott while recording at Hillcrest

Hillcrest Recordings mainly specialises in the recording of Gospel, Retro and Country music and has an impressive reputation both in the British Isles and the United States. The studio's producer is Colin Elliott and during his career he had the privilege of recording and producing several albums for the late 'International Ambassador of Country Music', George Hamilton IV. Through George, Colin and Hillcrest Recordings recorded songs for many notable artists from the genres of Country and Gospel music.